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Stereo sound can be a leading home entertainment systems distributor based in the country of Israel, serving all sectors in the local economy. We at Stereo Sound, be proud of our ongoing shoot for the right sound solutions our customers want to achieve, in addition to meeting the requirement for top notch home decor integrations. We deliver high-end surround speaker systems, good quality HDMI cables, Top quality IR emitters, TV wall mounting arms and much more, this site offers it all.

Stereo Sound started as being a small family business, but before we knew it, our good quality services and associates, brought the organization towards the size and level it really is today. We know in harmony, good business-customer relations, and therefore are dedicated to find the best audio\video solutions the industry can give – Even when this means sending the consumer to our competitors! Yes! A customer’s level of satisfaction is more essential to us than gaining an unsatisfied customer .

This philosophy is exactly what guides and drives the Stereo Sound team.

You can also give us a call on any matter regarding home theatre systems – We’ll do our best to serve you.

Getting top Stereo Sound is achievable with the best system out there for speakers. I know this because I used out many speaker systems and finally settled on top rated system. Thus, I’d love to share my Acoustimass 5 review to you.

I’ve been through various kinds of speakers, starting dating back to the 1970s once i bought my first unit. Stuff has come a long way from your heavy vibrations rather than so brilliant sounds. Needless to say, once I purchased these speakers, the days of vinyl and cassette recordings were long gone and so i was as reliant on digital sound as anyone.

So, exactly what makes these speakers worth giving an Acoustimass 5 review? Well, firstly, I loved the colour – white. It fits into my grayscale family area scheme beautifully. Otherwise, the attributes and sound help it become all worthwhile. Check out this:

•good for home theatres

•perfect for stereos

•enhanced sounds


•deep and full bass sound without reverberations

•2 separate cube type speakers

•elegant design

•fit almost anywhere

•sound so great you could hide the speakers away from sight

•complete versatility

•very easy to mount on walls or put on bookshelves or other furniture

I was expecting much bigger speakers, being so accustomed to the big monsters of history. However, this method was compact and it is performance was just amazing since all of those electronics were packed into such small spaces. Best of all they reduce space, a thing that I desperately needed.